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      Late that evening the Doctor returned from a confinement case, which had taken him to one of the outlying villages near Great Wymering. The engine was grinding and straining as the car slowly ascended a steep incline that led into the town; and the Doctor leaned forward in the seat, both hands gripping the wheel, and his eyes peering through the wind-screen at the stretch of well-lit road ahead of him.

      On their return to Shanghai, the Doctor informed his young companions that they would take the first steamer up the coast in the direction of Pekin.

      XII IN THE GENERAL'S TENTA small, twisted man, with a nose all crooked on one side, and fingers covered with huge orange-coloured freckles! Bruce choked down a cry of amazement. It was indeed proving a night of surprises.

      But I was wrong this time, he said. I gave you a lot of trouble in consequence.[Pg 32]

      In the waste of waters round,

      "But what is the real world like?" questioned Arthur.



      "When I build a house," said Fred, "I will have a roof on it after the Japanese style, or, at any rate, something suggestive of it. The Japanese roof is pretty and graceful, and would look well in our landscape, I am sure. I don't see why we shouldn't have it in our country, and I'll take home some photographs so that I can have something to work from."She laughed.